*SOLD* Portable Dishwasher on Wheels....$75.00

This is a Kenmore #17792. On sears.com you can't find these for under $500!

We love this dishwasher. It is on wheels, so what you do is wheel it over to the sink when you want to use it. You simply hook it up to your sink, no need for installation! The rest of the time you just let it sit in a corner while you add or subtract dishes from it's innards. The top can be used for extra counter space as well. This dishwasher works perfectly, excellent condition.

One shocking and rather disappointing truth is that there are no dishwashers in Mexico. No one had one and we searched everywhere for a dishwasher. Nothing. We were told it had to do with the water or something - it destroys dishwashers so now no one uses them. Who would've thought that something so innocent and vital as water could exterminate dishwashers from an entire country?

So we will need to get used to washing all our dishes by hand. Maybe I'll just invite three wicked stepsisters over to really set the mood while doing the dishes.


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